An important discussion on your dental bonding treatment

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Dental bonding is a popular dental procedure all over the world and the United Kingdom is no exception. It is a non invasive procedure under the category of cosmetic dentistry which enhances smiles almost instantly. It is one of the most easily affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures and proves effective in fixing a range of minor flaws with the teeth. The flaws in the teeth that this procedure can fix easily include the following –

  • Teeth which are chipped or cracked
  • Discoloured, stained or yellowish teeth
  • Gaps between the teeth (also called gummy smile)
  • Misshaped teeth

Unlike almost any other modern dentistry treatment, dental bonding procedure delivers results instantly. There is no wait time or turnaround time in this procedure. The procedure – on the whole – involves bonding a composite resin material that comes in the colour of your teeth directly to the surface of the teeth. This is how the procedure masks various flaws and irregularities in your teeth, explains a dentist who quotes reasonable cost for composite bonding in London.

About the procedure

As has already been mentioned above, tooth bonding procedure is all about attaching a dental composite resin material directly to the surface of the tooth and then shaping it to restore and also enhance the original shape and size. The colour of composite resin is matched with that of the natural teeth of a patient to ensure the bonded tooth does not standout from the rest creating a thick contrast. At the end of the procedure it becomes really difficult to identify the composite bonded tooth from the rest of the teeth present in the mouth. The procedure usually requires just a single visit to your dentist with no additional follow up appointments. The duration normally lasts for about half an hour or 30 minutes for a single tooth.

Benefits Of Dental Bonding For Improving Your Smile

The procedure involves little preparation

There is usually no requirement of anaesthesia for the procedure although it is administered on patients who get their diseased and decayed tooth filled with composite bonding material. As a part of the preparation it is your dentist’s task to select a shade of composite resin material that matches with the natural shade of your teeth in the best possible way.

The bonding process – broken down into easy steps

  • During the procedure your dentist washes the surface of the targeted tooth using a conditioning liquid. This is done so that the composite material bonds to the tooth better.
  • In the next move the dentist applies the resin material which comes in the form of putty and then it is smoothed and crafted to the desired shape and dimension.
  • The treated tooth is then exposed to an ultraviolet light so that the composite material which is applied hardens fast explains a dentist who possesses an amazing track record of handling cases of teeth bonding in London over the years with success.
  • In the last lap the hardened composite material is carefully trimmed and polished to look like any other natural tooth in your mouth.

Tips on taking proper care of bonded tooth

It is relevant to mention that a bonded tooth or teeth do not need any especial care from the rest of the natural teeth in your mouth. This cosmetic dentistry solution easily lasts years at a stretch and it is also easy to repair the damages sustained by a composite bonded tooth. Standard care and maintenance tips for any bonded tooth or teeth include the following –

  • Brushing twice a day using a toothbrush that has soft bristles and fluoride toothpaste
  • Flossing once daily
  • Attending regular dental checkups
  • Routine professional cleaning of the teeth

In addition to that you have to get rid of certain nasty habits like chewing on pen caps and pencil tips, biting nails, chewing on ice and using the teeth as a tool to open bottles, etc. Each of these actions may leave your bonded tooth chipped and damaged warns a dentist who quotes some of the most reasonable costs for dental bonding in London. The tooth bonding material is prone to stains for habitual smokers. Even if you excessively indulge in popular beverages like coffee, red wine, tea, soy sauce and such other items it will stain faster. Excessive intake of acidic foods or citrus fruits may also wither away the bonded material from the tooth surface.

The Fast Magic of Dental Bonding | Dentistry by Dery

Pros and cons of the procedure

Dental bonding for each tooth costs around few hundred pounds. Considering the fact it is a cosmetic dentistry treatment this cost is pretty reasonable. It is also one of the least invasive procedures known in modern dentistry. Unlike the procedures involved in dental crowns and veneers this one does not damage the natural enamel structure of the tooth. Moreover it proves an effective and fast means to fix minor cosmetic flaws and dental issues of the teeth without any turnaround or wait time. The results are available almost instantly.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, the procedure offers many other advantages too. These include the following

  • Redefining convenience – the entire procedure gets over in just a single dental appointment.
  • Enhanced self esteem – once the procedure ends your bonded tooth or teeth will inadvertently infuse confidence in your smile and as a result your overall personality will get dramatically improved says a dentist who offers dental bonding treatment in London at a reasonable cost over the years.

Average life of the cosmetic dentistry solution

On an average this cosmetic dentistry solution has a life ranging from 3 to 5 years. After that period you will either little adjustment in form of top up treatment or complete replacement of the composite material with a new one. The duration of the solution depends on certain factors like the area of the mouth where it is provided and how much careful you are regarding its maintenance. If the bonding is placed on a tooth or teeth that are at the extreme end of the mouth then it will be subjected to tremendous biting pressure. Thus it has lesser chances of surviving a large number of years at a stretch.

How safe is the procedure

By and large the procedure is safe and has no harmful side effect. Before applying the Composite Bonding London Cheap material your dentist will clear away every disease, decay, infection and food particles from your mouth and even your teeth will be washed and sterilised. Infections from this procedure are very unlikely even allergic reactions too are quite rare.

However dentists working in the renowned Chatfield Dental Braces in London point out initially you may feel little discomfort but that will surely wither away in a few days on its own.