Get Picture-Perfect White Teeth at Home with Custom Whitening Trays

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Who doesn’t want a gorgeous, white smile that dazzles? While store-bought whitening strips may provide a quick fix, custom-fitted take-home whitening trays from your London dentist deliver the longest-lasting results possible. Read on to learn how personalised teeth whitening trays give you dramatically whiter teeth safely, conveniently, and affordably in London and surrounding areas.

Why Custom Teeth Whitening Trays are Best Whitening strips you get over-the-counter at the chemist can only contact your teeth at a few points along the front surface. This leaves the inner tooth surfaces and gum line unevenly lightened for patchy, unnatural looking “white” teeth.

In Wimbledon dental Practices like SW19 Confidental Dental Clinic, we create custom-fitted trays moulded precisely to your teeth. Our Philips Zoom home teeth whitening system then ensures the whitening gel infuses evenly into all the porous grooves covering teeth to lift stains safely and effectively.

Once you complete the recommended gel treatment schedule, custom trays continue yielding effective whitening maintenance at home because they keep making contact with more tooth surface area than strips can ever reach. Achieve noticeably brighter teeth all the way to your molars and up the whole tooth length to the gum line for just a few pounds per year once you own your trays.

How Dentist-Dispensed Whitening Trays Work

Which Teeth Whitening Method Should You Choose?

The process of getting gleaming white teeth through dentist-monitored whitening gel and trays only takes a few straightforward steps:

  1. Come into a certified Zoom teeth whitening dentist in London like SW19 Confidental Dental Clinic for a quick exam to ensure whitening is suitable for your dental health history and needs.
  2. Have moulds taken of your upper and lower teeth using putty-like alginate material. Digital oral photography scans may also be used instead of conventional impressions depending on the practice.
  3. Return to the London dental office a week or two later to have custom-fitted, vacuum-formed plastic trays made just for your mouth delivered. You also receive multiple tubes of prescription-strength Philips Zoom at-home whitening gel.
  4. Use the trays and whitening gel together at home following provided instructions for durations advised by your dentist based on your desired level of whiteness. Reapply gel into the slim, almost invisible trays up to 30 minutes 1-2 times daily.
  5. Once your teeth tone satisfies, cut back home applications to just periodic 15-minute touch-up treatments whenever you notice any slight colour relapse or to prep for special occasions. Add gel to the safe, reusable trays as needed going forward once initial whitening finishes.

Why Zoom Whitening Delivers the Best At-Home Results

Of all products available for at-home teeth whitening, dentist-supervised Philips Zoom treatment delivers the most dramatic results. Features setting Zoom apart include:

  • Professional dental assessment ensures whitening will not exacerbate any underlying conditions and determine realistic targets for your individual teeth and stains.
  • Custom-fit trays moulded from extremely thin, transparent and flexible plastic fabricated to grip all sides of teeth for superior gel contact.
  • Special light-activated whitening gel containing the highest legally allowable percentage of carbamide peroxide (25%) for rapid, visible lightening most kits cannot match.
  • Minimum recommended usage times from experienced dentists guiding patients through each phase of the whitening schedule until satisfied.
  • Gingival protection barrier ribbons infused into trays to protect gum tissues from sensitivity or burning.
  • Personalized number of refill gel tubes advised by the dentist based on your goals, lifestyle, dental work and tray fit.

Get the Whiter Smile of Your Dreams Conveniently at Home

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Imagine transforming your smile conveniently from home so it looks red carpet worthy every day! For expert guidance and teeth whitening systems that outperform grocery store strips and kits, turn to London’s premier Zoom whitening clinic.

SW19 Confidental Dental Clinic provides bespoke Philips Zoom take-home whitening to residents throughout London and the surrounding communities. With custom trays made just for your teeth, you can achieve a stunning, natural-looking white smile or maintain your current bright smile affordably from home.

Benefits of Zoom Whitening from Your Dentist

Getting custom whitening trays and professional-grade gel from your dentist offers advantages beyond just better whitening performance:

  • Guidance on Realistic Colour Goals – Experienced dentists can assess your existing tooth shade and staining patterns to advise you on realistic goals for at-home whitening results. Things like restorations, intrinsic discolouration, translucency and thickness of enamel all impact results.
  • Monitoring for Sensitivity Issues – Dentists show you best practices to manage sensitivity like gel amounts to use, reducing contact times or trying desensitizing toothpastes if you experience any irritation during the process.
  • Adjustments to Improve Comfort & Fit – Minor trim adjustments to trays at follow-up visits can carefully modify pressure points or gaps to enhance comfort and optimal contact between gel and enamel surfaces.
  • Supplementary In-Office Treatments – For severely stained teeth or special events, combining take-home trays with occasional boosting sessions of in-office Zoom whitening or other polishing procedures can maximise brightness.
  • Retainer Gels & Trays to Maintain Effects – Dentist-monitored home whitening gives you access to prescription-only high concentration gel formulas for ongoing maintenance long after initial treatment concludes.

In-Office Whitening Still Has A Place Too

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While home Zoom systems provide convenience and significant whitening laser dentists also have more intensive in-office options to consider:

  • Zoom Professional Treatments – For patients with extremely discoloured teeth wanting maximum brightening in minimal time, combining take-home trays with periodic in-office 25% hydrogen peroxide Zoom sessions achieves unparalleled colour correction.
  • Beyond Whitening – Other Dark Stain Treatments – Greyish, blackened or tetracycline-stained teeth sometimes need intensive combination therapies beyond whitening gels alone: micro-abrasion, enamelplasties, veneers or crowns.

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