Cuteness Overload: Must-Have Jellycat Bunny Toys Available in Singapore

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Singaporean gift stores do not lag behind anyone when it comes to stocking adorable range of Jellycat Bunny Singapore. Competing all ordinary stuffed toys, this charming creature has a separate fan base. This bunny has multiple personalities that plays with your baby and also pacifies them at their low moments. With this high popularity, Singaporean baby stores have a huge variety of them. Your little baby won’t spend even a minute without this silly pal. Stop running after conventional stuffed toys and let Jellycat bunny be the best friend for your little one. This blog goes deep into mesmerizing editions of Jellycat bunny toys available in Singapore. So, get ready for some overloaded cuteness as you are about to say ‘aww’. 

Lovingly Signed:

Lovingly Signed is our first most priority when it comes to shopping and exploring a new variety of Jellycat Bunny Singapore. Featuring an enchanting collection of bunnies, you’ll love them from the core of your heart. With moms busy in household chores, Jellycat bunny will keep their babies happy and entertained. You can add this quirky creature in a hamper to make a perfect gift. From Bashful Bunny to Blossom series, there is a bunny for every baby. Lovingly Signed is an epitome of magical world of Jellycat bunnies that are hard to ignore. 

Charming Jellycat Bunny Arrivals

Before we get into why Jellycat bunnies are a staple in every kid’s life, let’s take a look at the charming Jellycat Bunny arrivals in Lovingly Signed Singapore. Every year, these plush toys cheer us up with their changing designs and colors, making it hard to control ourselves from buying the latest variety. Let’s take a look at the beautiful Jellycat Bunny series that has been winning hearts.

  • Bashful Bunny: The Bashful Bunny has unbelievable popularity all over the Singapore. With the latest arrival, this cute little toy has grabbed everyone’s attention. It offers beautiful colors and attractive patterns, making it a show-stopper at every household. Along with this, the bunnies come in different sizes to cater to children of all ages. From tiny to big to huge, everyone can get a pal of their liking. At Lovingly Signed, you can find small, large, big, and really really big Jellycat bunnies that make the experience even more joyful. No matter what the design, color, or size may be, the cute ears, fluffy tail, and soft body is offered in all that provides comfort and warmth to the young one.
  • The Printed Bunny Arrival: Different colors surely look beautiful but have you ever imagined how pretty a bunny looks with amusing patterns on it wiggling ears and adorable paws? You definitely need to take a look at the Printed Bunny Collection. Lovingly Signed offers Personalized Stardust Bunny in Navy color, Personalized Blossom Blush Bunny in Pink color, and Personalized Blossom Bea in Beige color. All these come in distinct yet beautiful prints that make a charming gift. The Printed Jellycat Bunny arrival never goes out of style.

Jellycat Bunnies – A Staple in Every Newborn’s Life!

Are you still wondering what makes it every child’s and parent’s favorite stuffed toy? We will spare a few minutes to understand why Jellycat bunny is the best your newborn can ever have. Let’s get going!

  • Visually appealing designs: The funky prints of Jellycat bunnies depicts creativity and expert craftmanship. The velvety, soft furs, beautiful features, and vibrant color range makes it visually appealing. Just holding this sumptuous toy for once makes you feel loved and cared for.
  • Whimsical expressions: Jellycat bunnies are well-known for their whimsical expressions that attract even adults to them. With newest versions, these expressions get even more cute. The sparkling eyes with mischievous intentions and adorable smile make our hearts melt. 
  • Perfect companion: Jellycat bunnies not only comfort the little ones during their childhood but become the life long friend even when your kid grows. From listening to their adorable talks to playing with them to hugging them in sad times, there is no better friend for your kid than this sweet creature. Providing emotional support and being the best cuddle partner, Jellycat Bunny is the beloved pal for life.
  • Personalized keepsake: At last, when Jellycat bunnies are personalized with your baby’s name, it becomes a cherished memory to treasure forever. Even after years when your kid looks at this bunny, it will give them an instant kick of memories and nostalgia. 


The Jellycat Bunny collection in Singapore has left everyone in awe. To get hands on this snuggly collection of Jellycat Bunny Singapore, Lovingly Signed is the perfect store. At this shop, no newborn hamper is complete without adding this cuddly bunny. So, don’t let your kid wait any longer and get them the latest bunny arrival only from Lovingly Signed.