Things You Must Do At The Time of Reselling A Used Bike

Reselling A Used Bike
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There are a variety of situations that may be a motivation for putting on the market the used bike that you possess. Maybe you want to upgrade the same asset or buy something different that could be more useful to them, you could have relocated to another city, the asset might have become worthless and nobody could use it or there is a possibility that the person just needs consonant immediate cash flow.

The fact that air pollution is real and detrimental to our health and well-being can be as easily applied to your bikes as well. Selling your second hand bike might not per se be as complicated of a task, but if you want to get the best price worth of your bike, there are still considerations that you have to keep in mind just so you can maximize the satisfaction of both the buyer and the seller.

Make sure to find the correct set of buyer

This is the first aspect of the procedure named actual selling the bike. You have to look for a reliable buyer, who both has the ability and the willingness to buy the two-wheeler at the bike’s true value on which you will want to sell it. Or you can consider making a direct deal with a customer or if you want to save this extra hassle you can just contact a middleman such as an agency, a dealer, or a service professional that will help you to connect you with a customer who has got the interest. The previous choice is recommended when you have few resources but can quickly deal with the customer if you have to.

The store will know how to do the paperwork, the value of the buyer, and all the formalities, etc. the buyer will have no problem making their sale safely without any inconvenience. However, if you happen to have time on your hands and you are not worried about haggling or in a rush to get it done then going the reselling route might be your thing without having to fork out any finder’s fee, usually in the form of commission.

Prepare all the required papers

Your buyer has already chosen the bike of their dreams and now you must step back and put the important papers and documents in order. Among the important papers included in the package are as Registration Certificate that proves the possession of the bike or the acceptable changes thereof and that is necessary for the official transfer of ownership from the current owner to the bike’s buyer, a driver’s license with all due payments done, a sales agreement describing the conditions of the deal and the claims that there may have been set forth by either side and the test drive agreement This way, you get to screen your own self and the moto too.

Make sure to repair the mechanical issues

This is perhaps the most significant step when it comes to the security of its, buyer and the bike. An authorized mechanic is necessary to give the bike a quick checkup before the sale of the vehicle.

Elements such as chain tension, tire alignment, brake fluid, controlling cables, and sanitizing elements like the air filter and oil engine, etc. should be well examined together.

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Create an online ad for reselling

However, if you can plan to sell the bike via an online platform rather than through the bank is the option for you. Now let’s have some simple tricks to make your bike listing attractive and catchy in the eyes of buyers. Then, make sure the bike looks its best and you have good-quality pictures.

Along with this you also need to refer to all the critical information related to the bike being sold including its engine type and mileage, so that the buyer makes an informed decision whether they wish to place a bid or not. Much about the features of the car such as age, make, model, color, etc. are important to be emphasized. In addition, such matters as any previous biking accidents, the bike insurance policy, and the specific insurance provider for the said bike insurance are other crucial details of the listed information not to be omitted.

Transfer the ownership of the used bike

Now, you would just be finishing the process by ensuring that all paperwork for transferring the bike ownership and insurance is in order and valid. You should make sure that the bicycle and its liabilities are okay owner to the next owner. RTO to finish the transfer will need forms 28, 29, and 30 accordingly.

Things to Check in Used Bike Before Reselling

Assessing the physical condition of the motorcycle you want to buy from the market is by far, the most important part in order for you to make a wise reselling process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to assist you:

Research and Inspection Preparation

Conducting prior research to thoroughly know the motorcycles inside-out is a must before you start the inspection. Understand the make, model, and date of manufacturing of the motorcycle brand you are targeting. Familiarize yourself with common problems, recalls, and usual networking.

When you overview, the first thing is securing necessary checkup tools like a flashlight, tire pressure gauge, and a notepad to write reminders during the checkup.

Do the Looks Inspection

Commence with the visual inspection of the motorcycle. You have probably spent a lot of time and effort in researching and saving up, so here you come to search the bike in detail.

Begins with the bodywork by inspecting every corner and side for visible defects and mismatches. This includes scratches, dents, and other elements that hint at past accidents or more complex issues.

Move your attention from the motorbike’s frame to the areas where you need to conduct a thorough inspection for flaws such as bends or cracks. If there are any such flaws, they could jeopardize stability and safety.

Pay a closer look at the exhaust with an eye to make sure that the exhaust housing has a lot of rust on parts like the exhaust pipes and the muffler because it could mean bad maintenance or damage.

Check how the motorcycle looks, because the indisputable signs of wear and tear will speak in the language of this machine’s mandatory maintenance history. Scratches on the foot pegs or scuff marks on the fairings are not only useful but may foretell a story.

Attentively take a close look at window conditions, for signs of fading, chipping, or repainting, for such could imply an accident before or an attempt to cover a previous damage.

Check Tires and Wheels

Nevertheless, let’s start by looking at the tires and wheels. Check the tire condition, for example, inspect the front wheel tread depth and sidewall damages. Uneven wear patterns are here such cases that may suggest suspension or alignment problems’ occurrence. Furthermore, adjust the gyros each way to confirm that the techniques are smooth without deviation, which can be symptoms of bent rims or bearing issues.

Check the Engine Oil and Fluid Level

Inspect the motorcycle’s fluids. Verify the engine oil, coolant, and breaker fluid. Small quantities of contaminants can lead to the absence of proper maintenance work. When the motorcycle has been running for a while, look for leaks under it. This could take you anywhere from five minutes to half an hour depending on the leak.

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Inspect Cables and Controls

Inspect that all its transmitted cables or controls are smooth without any excessive play to know the value of second hand bike. Check the range movement of throttle, clutch, and brake cables if there are any problems. See that all the control panels, for example, lights, indications, horn, and switch, function correctly.

Make the Electrical System Working

A deeper look into the electrical system is needed. Check the battery voltage with a tester to prove that it stores an energy charge. Run a thorough check-up on all electrical components such as headlights, tail lights, turn signals, and brake lights to test if they are all in good condition.

Check the Engine System

Start the motorcycle and hearken to louder engine sounds that are non-typical, including knocking, ticking, or rattling. Besides that, scrutinize the tailpipe for rust indications, corrosions, or too much smoke development to suggest existing problems.

Make Sure Brakes are Fine

Check the brake system to make sure it is in working condition. Take the bike to low speeds to verify the incross smoothness and the bike’s capability to bring the bike to a complete halt without any grinding voices. As well, run your eyes over your brake pads and discs for signs of wear and tear.

Repair the Frame & Chassis

Cautiously check the frame whether it has any cracks or bends. On the other hand, the chassis should be free from any damage. Search for indications of the emergence of some previous repairs or welding, which affects partially the motorcycle’s structural strength, audio inspection, specify any suspicious quietness often unidentifiable in optical observation.


However, selling your motorbike won’t be a walk in the park. Regardless you must still keep in mind these factors if you would want those you are selling the bike to get maximum return value on the bike without passing off any liabilities and risks to previous owners of the bike.

As far as the valuation of used bikes is concerned, make sure to access reliable platforms like Wheels of Trust (WOT). This platform allows you to do the quick valuation of any brand and year of manufacturing choice of motorcycle with ease and comfort.