Revive Your Furniture with Sofa Cleaning from London’s Experts

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Looking at the big stain on your sofa and cringing? Sofas in homes and offices inevitably show grime, soil, food spills, pet fur and other unsightly marks over time. While you may vacuum and spot clean your sofas occasionally, only deep professional sofa cleaning can revitalize their appearance and hygiene from the inside out.

At Vip Carpet Cleaning London, we are experts in deep, thorough sofa cleaning services. For over 20+ years, we have been cleaning sofas, couches and other upholstered furniture for satisfied residential and commercial clients across London. Our experienced professional sofa cleaners use the latest methods and commercial-grade equipment to get your sofas looking and feeling like new again.

Keep reading to learn how Vip Carpet Cleaning London’s premier sofa cleaning services can refresh your furniture.

Hygienic Deep Cleaning Process

Our sofa cleaning process goes beyond superficial vacuuming and spot cleaning that only gets to surface dirt. We use the powerful hot water extraction cleaning method to deep clean right down to the base and inner fabric of your sofas. Hot pressurized water is injected into the sofa to lift and dissolve ground-in contaminants. Then the dirty solution is immediately extracted along with stains, soil, dust mites, pet dander and more that typical cleaning cannot remove.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

We care about the health of your indoor environment. That’s why we use non-toxic, hypoallergenic cleaning solutions safe for kids and pets once the sofas are dry. Our truck-mounted system maximizes cleaning power while conserving water and electricity. We can clean your sofas using all-natural solutions upon request. Your sofas will be refreshed in an eco-friendly manner.

State-of-the-Art Truck-Mounted Equipment

Unlike small portable cleaners, our powerful truck-mounted hot water extraction system provides stronger cleaning solution flow and suction for superior results. The pressurized steam loosens and lifts deep grime that portable machines cannot reach. Truck-mounted cleaning also reduces the amount of moisture retained in the fabric after extraction. Your sofas will be deeper cleaned and dry faster.

Stain Removal Treatments

Don’t live with those unsightly stains! Our trained sofa cleaners use specialized spot removers and techniques to treat stains before the overall cleaning. We target food, beverage, ink, grease and other common stains. While severe stains may remain, in most cases we can drastically lighten or eliminate them from your upholstery.

Pet Hair and Odor Removal

Pets can wreak havoc on your nice clean sofas. Our deep cleaning methods remove embedded pet fur and dander. A sanitizing deodorizer is applied to neutralize tough pet odors that linger even after cleaning. We want your sofas to look, smell and feel fresh again.

Disinfecting Options

For extra sanitation, we offer sanitizing and disinfectants to kill germs after deep cleaning. This additional service ensures a hygienic sofa surface, reducing bacteria, viruses and other microbes by up to 99%. Upgrade your sofa cleaning with this add-on for antimicrobial protection.

Dries Quickly

We use powerful suction and airflow tools to dry your sofas rapidly after deep cleaning. Protective coverings also absorb excess moisture. In most cases, your sofas will be dry within just a few hours so you can enjoy them again right away.

Flexible Scheduling

As London’s top rated upholstery and sofa cleaners, Vip Carpet Cleaning London works around your busy schedule. We provide evening and weekend service at your convenience. You’ll enjoy refreshed, revived sofas without missing work or weekend plans.

Affordable Pricing

Our quarter century of sofa cleaning experience means increased efficiency that saves you money. Even on large sectionals, you’ll find our pricing very affordable compared to inferior cleaners. Keep your sofas looking fantastic at a price you can feel good about.

Multi-Step Cleaning Process

Our sofa cleaning is not a simple one-step process. We use a systematic, multi-step method to ensure superior results:

  • Thorough vacuuming to remove loose dirt and debris
  • Pre-treating any stained/soiled areas
  • Hot water extraction cleaning of entire surface
  • Rinsing with clean water to remove cleaning solution residues
  • Grooming fabric nap with brush tools
  • Targeted spot cleaning as needed
  • Application of sanitizer/deodorizer as desired
  • Speed drying with air movers

This extensive process allows us to deep clean your sofas from top to bottom.

Fabric Protection Options

We recommend applying a professional-grade fabric protector to your clean sofas. This shields the fabric from future stains, soils and pet accidents. Liquids bead up so they are easier to blot while the upholstery stays cleaner longer between professional cleanings.

Complete Furniture Cleaning

In addition to sofas, we expertly clean all types of upholstered furniture – chairs, ottomans, sectionals, cushions, and more. We can handle delicate antique furniture as well. No furniture cleaning job is too big or small for Vip Carpet Cleaning London!

Leather Cleaning/Conditioning

Our expert technicians are also trained in specialized leather cleaning and conditioning methods. We safely clean leather furniture of all colors, gently lifting dirt and oils that harm leather over time. Conditioners are applied to nourish and protect leather after cleaning.

Mattress Cleaning

Not just couches – we deep clean mattresses too! Our hot water extraction method eliminates bed bugs, dust mites, stains and odors from slept-on mattresses. Mattress cleaning with Vip Carpet Cleaning London will have you sleeping better in no time.

For the deepest, most thorough professional sofa cleaning services in London, call the experts at Vip Carpet Cleaning London. Contact us at 02080503535 for a free quote! We serve all areas of Greater London.