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Customizing Kitchen

Customizing Kitchen Countertops – Why Is It Necessary?

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A kitchen is known as the “heart” of a house! So, while renovating or remodeling the space, it is important to take every little thing into account, including the countertops.

Many people nowadays are inclined towards customizing their kitchen countertops. Especially if they are hiring professionals like custom home builders in Kelowna, constructing a multiple-level kitchen countertop has been the latest trend. What do you think is the reason behind this?

This blog encompasses everything you need to know about customizing kitchen countertops and the reasons behind it. So, let’s get going!

Why Is The Standard 36” Height Normalized?

If you think in terms of kitchen ergonomics, finding the right countertop height has always been an issue. So, experts concluded to normalize a standard countertop height that would be suitable for a majority of people.

And then onwards the 36” (3 feet) countertop height was set as an industry standard for a kitchen countertop. It is a general belief that such a height makes it a comfortable place to work for the majority.

What Are The Issues With The Standard Height?

The standard countertop height was favorable until people started to feel the long-term issues!

What happens is, if you are taller (more than 5’ 9”) you have to bend in a lot while working on the sink or using the stove. This makes oy highly vulnerable to issues like severe back and waist pain.

And if the situation is just the opposite, (you’re shorter than 5’ 3”), you’ll have to extend your arms quite a bit to work on the sink, stove, or the island for that matter. This puts you at risk of contracting pain in the arms, shoulders, etc.

Why Customized Countertops Are Becoming A Necessity?

Now let’s find out why Kelowna custom home builders prefer customized countertops over the standard ones-

  • Superior Ergonomics

Whether you’re of a tall or short stature, the only thing you need to care about is ergonomics. And unfortunately, a standardized countertop doesn’t let you do that. So, it is better to opt for a customized countertop. Along with superior ergonomics, you also get to save yourself from long-term back, waist, and neck pain.

  • A Perfect Fit For The Kitchen Layout

Every house has a different kind of layout for the kitchen. Standard kitchen countertops have a 36-inch height along with a 24-inch width. So, either it would be too big for a small kitchen layout, or too abrupt for a big one. Customization options enable you to tailor your countertop to fit the dimensions of your kitchen, thereby resulting in a clean and finished look.

  • Better Aesthetics

Standard kitchen countertops often come in a set style and color pattern. You may have design options but they are limited. Opting for customized countertops enables you to have a room full of possibilities where you can play with the materials, design, and color as much as you want! You can tweak it any way you like to make it the focal point of the kitchen!

  • Accommodate Specific Requirements

A crucial thing that comes with customizing kitchen countertops is that you can accommodate your specific needs and requirements. You can have an in-built sink or an integrated chopping board. You can also incorporate features like compact drawers or cabinets according to your workflow or cooking style. A standard countertop won’t give you so many options! That’s why the potential buyers of new homes in Kelowna are inclined towards customized countertops.

  • Boosts Property Valuation

Many of you might not agree with this, but a custom-built kitchen with a customized countertop actually serves as a great selling point for Okanagan custom homes! When potential buyers come to see your property, such custom-built pieces showcase premiumness and attention to detail. This eventually results in a significant increase in your property’s valuation.

To Conclude

The best thing about technological advancements is that it has made our lives much easier than it was before! So, if a little customization helps keep you fit, and comes with additional perks, why not opt for it?!

Being one of the most reputed construction communities, Kelowna home builders make it a point to offer their buyers full customization options for each of their properties.

So, don’t just settle for less, opt for the best!