5 Exceptional Tools To Add Yelp Reviews On Your Website

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Gone are the days when people could ignore the internet to promote their restaurants, dental clinics, salons, etc. People rely on the internet nowadays to choose the right local business. Before buying anything about a business, people read online customer reviews and testimonials to check their credibility. Among customers, Yelp is one such review platform that stands out.

As per the reports, nine out of every ten customers nearly 88% of customers consult online reviews before they buy something online. With more than 258 million reviews of businesses worldwide, Yelp is one of the most reputable online review platforms. To showcase customer reviews and ratings, businesses must add a Yelp review widget on websites. On Yelp, customers can leave their reviews along with star ratings about your business. 

Read this blog till last to understand Yelp reviews and the top tools that help you add Yelp reviews to your website. 

Understanding Yelp Reviews 

Yelp reviews platform was officially released in the year 2004 and it allows people to provide reviews and search local businesses. Similar to the Google reviews platform, on the Yelp reviews platform customers can leave their reviews whether they are negative or positive, or can also provide star ratings from 1 to 5 based on their experience of using that particular brand service or product. 

When you embed Yelp reviews on your website review page, you can win the trust and belief of your prospective customers. By responding to the reviews provided by online customers, brands can ensure that they value the feedback and reviews provided by their customers.

How to Add Yelp Reviews to Website? (A Quick Guide)

5 Exceptional Tools To Add Yelp Reviews On Your Website 

If you believe that Yelp reviews don’t play a big role in shaping the customer’s buying decisions, you’ll stay behind in the marketing game. While showing Yelp reviews is vital it is also important to use the best review aggregator tool as it simplifies the process. Some of the tools are listed below: 

1. Tagembed 

When it comes to opting to embed Yelp reviews on the website, Tagembed comes on top. For websites, Tagembed is another widget provider that consists of 20+ applications and social media platforms along with review platforms. To win the trust of consumers by showing social proof on their websites, Tagembed has helped many brands. With the customization features provided by this tool, users can change the themes and layouts as per their interests. 

To display Yelp reviews on your website, Tagembed offers the Yelp review widget for users. Users can also select the Review Carousel, Review Box, and List View themes by using the Tagembed tool. These themes are the most suitable ones when you showcase Yelp reviews on your website. You can also change the card style to make it more visually appealing. Tagembed lets its users auto-update the content according to the update time of their plan. 

2. Sociable KIT 

On our list, another exceptional tool is Sociable KIT which can be used to embed Yelp reviews on your website. Just like other tools, Sociable KIT provides a Yelp review widget through which it fetches customer reviews and showcases them on the website. On the website, you can easily change the themes and layouts of your review widget. For example, you can put the Masonry theme, if is one of the best themes if you want your review widget to look more eye-catching. 

3. Elfsight 

With 80+ apps in the library, Efsight is the no-code website widget builder. Data representation to utilities has a range of apps. All-in-one review widgets, logo sliders, pricing table creators, and testimonial widgets, are some of the apps of Elfsight. The Yelp review widget of Elfsight is free to use, highly customizable, provides many styles, helps you manage which reviews to display, and incorporates many features. 

4. TrustMary

To embed reviews on your website, Trustmary provides several tools. Trustmary currently supports Yelp, Facebook, Google Business Profile, Capterra, and the G2 platform. However, it also supports all the major CMS and website builders such as Shopify, WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace and you can also install review widgets on any HTML website. The review widget of Trustmary will help users display customer reviews from Yelp on the website. 

5. JustReview

Another online review aggregator on our list is JustReview which supports many review platforms. Walmart, Google Shopping, ProductHunt, Yell, Google Maps, Booking, eBay, and Yelp are the included platforms on JustReview. To display ratings and reviews on your website, you can connect your review profile with JustReview and create numerous widgets. The Yelp review widget provided by JustReview is easy to use and has six types of widgets. 

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You need to embed Yelp reviews on your website to boost your online reputation and create social proof among your customers. These exceptional 5 tools Tagembed, Sociable KIT, Elfsight, Trsutmary, and JustReview provide a seamless way to add a Yelp review widget to your website. By leveraging the power of customer feedback you can boost the credibility of your website and it will result in the success of your business.