7 Design Strategies to Create a Wellness-Centric Home

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Have you ever wondered what defines luxury in a custom home? Is it the perspective of the owner, the appearance of the house, or the design features? There are plenty of options to customize your living abode. But with wellness dominating various aspects of our lives, it is all about designing your home’s layout to promote wellness.

Experts would agree that homes need to have wellness-oriented designs as people spend a lot of time in there and impacts the overall well-being of individuals. Go ahead and hire home builders in Salmon Arm to build a house with spaces that are good for encouraging physical and mental well-being.

How do home builders design a wellness-focused home?

Here are strategies to implement to enhance a healthy life:

1. Change the Entrance

The entryway is the first impression that your home creates. But the shoes you leave at the entrance often bring germs and dirt that may make your family sick. If you have kids and they play on the floor, the residues of dirt, chemicals, and heavy metals from the shoes may stick longer. You surely don’t want your kids to play on the dirty floor. Well, you do not have much to do to prevent dirt besides asking the custom home builders in Salmon Arm to create a mudroom. If you don’t have much space for a mudroom, create a seating area at the entrance and install a free-standing bench for people to take off their shoes.

2.  Make Bedroom Flooring Healthier With Custom Home Builders

The bedroom is where you need to let your hair down and recover from the day’s fatigue. It is one of the spaces in your house where you rebuild strength and health. Switch to a healthy flooring option made from natural materials like hardwood. But stick to solid hardwood and discard the engineered wooden floors that are usually glued together with formaldehyde, which lowers the indoor air quality.

3. Create an Energy-Efficient Home

A majority of British Columbia home builders recommend design strategies and features that will help the homeowner save money on energy bills. When building a wellness-focused house, make sure the builder knows what to include in your habitat to make it just right for a healthy lifestyle. Hindbo Construction Group Inc. is an award-winning house builder that focuses on using upgraded homebuilding techniques with energy-efficient doors and windows. That way, you will live a healthy life and improve your savings as well.

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4. Change the Kitchen Layout

The kitchen is a high-traffic area of your house and one of the most frequently visited areas of your living abode. Not only should the kitchen layout encourage healthy eating habits but encourage an effortless meal preparation process. Now how do you accomplish that? There must be multiple working segments in the kitchen with a large expanse of counter spaces freed up for this purpose. Ideally, each work should be about ten to twelve steps away from the other to help you organize the tasks. Take a look at a few kitchen designs that promote wellness and make sure that you are on the same page with the builder.

5. Staying Connected to the Outdoors

Building a deeper connection with the outdoors is a common feature of several houses in the real estate in the Salmon Arm area. The trend has been there for a while but the global pandemic has demonstrated how important it is to bring the outdoors in. Try to make the outdoors an extension of the living room. Arrange a seating area on the patio with cane or wicker furniture and decorate the place with green plants all around.

6. Large Windows for the Living Room

If you are anywhere else in your house, you are probably in the living room. As people spend most of their time in the living room, it is necessary to improve the indoor air quality. Add large windows that you can operate easily to bring in fresh air and let the toxic and stale air escape. That way, you will reduce your family’s exposure to impure air and strengthen their body functions.

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7. Make the Bathroom Safe

Bathrooms are prone to causing injuries and all you do is blame the slippery flooring. If you want to prevent tripping hazards in the bathroom make sure you install anti-skid flooring and reduce the threshold of the shower to zero.

You have got a glimpse of how well-focus homes need to be designed and now it is your turn to begin working on the custom home design strategies. Implementing a healthy home design plan ensures a happy and safe habitat for your family.