Integrating Universal Home Designs in Your Custom Home

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Navigating the ever-changing landscape of modern living has an inherent association with universal design concepts. If you are also planning to build a bespoke home and need to go beyond aesthetic moves, incorporating a universal design may help. Typically, a unanimous design focuses more on the functionality to meet the diverse needs of a homeowner. Surely, it also offers plenty of interior designing concepts but is a bit more oriented to the future needs of the homeowner.

For home designs concepts like wider hallways, entrances without steps, and lever handles that find a place in universal designs, the best option would be to begin consulting builders for new housing developments in Kelowna. Together with the builder, you will embark on an exciting journey.

Incorporating universal design in new homes: how it matters

When designing a new home in Kelowna, it is only natural to make your living abode safe and comfortable for the future. That is why you must incorporate a home designs that is here to last and cater to your mobility variations as you age. Apart from this, a universal design also comes to help if the occupiers are disabled but still want to live independently. It is a relatively new concept where your custom-made house has ageing-in-place features.

Reasons to incorporate a universal home design:

Whether the occupiers of a house are disabled or not, integrating design features that are good for long-term living is essential. Buying a house for many people is like a lifetime decision. Apart from a few remodelling projects they undertake within a decade, many people continue living in the same house until they grow old. Here is why you need to leverage a future-friendly home design:

1.      Save for the future when building a custom home

When building a custom home with a future-friendly design, you may have to invest substantially. But you need to realise that the house will already have features to accommodate your future needs in case you or your loved one fall ill or suffer an injury.. A good reason to introduce the universal design concept is to prevent aged people from leaving their houses and living in nursing homes.

2.      Enhances the safety of the residents in new homes

Safety is one of the factors to prioritise when future-proofing your house. Make sure you consult with an expert to lower the risk of injuries and falls. You will live in the house a lot more safely when it includes universal home designs concepts. Bellamy Homes are one of the premier Kelowna Builders savvy with ideas of crafting custom homes where every inch of space is utilised, depending on the preferences of customers. Try coordinating with them if you are planning to build a custom home with features that guarantee the safety of the residents. Some of the safety features to include in a future-proof house are:

  • Low-glare LED lighting
  • Installing anti-skid flooring
  • Curbless shower
  • Lights with motion sensor
  • Grabbing bars

If you have been living in your current home for over two decades or more and planning to relocate to a new house, adding a universal design will help you live peacefully and safely. With fewer young people out there to care for the elderly, this design is appropriate for self-care and needs less intervention.

Design considerations for future home

When future-proofing your living abode, you need to restrict the installation of stairs and stop making changes in the level of the floor. Even if you install stairways, they should have durable handrails on both sides when you will no longer be steady enough to climb stairs. Furthermore, the house should have an automated light that shuts off when you move to another space. Similarly, the switches need to be appropriate for people who can no longer bend down for operation. Universal designs leverage using natural light to promote wellness. The doorknobs pulls, and handles must also be designed conveniently for people with joint disorders to handle things easily.

Wider hallways and doors

The doorways and hallways in future-friendly houses need to be wider than in traditional houses for people to enter easily with walkers, wheelchairs, and other mobility aids. So, such houses will not have potential barriers or tight spaces. Moreover, the entrance to the habitat must discourage steps to ensure a smooth transition.

The basic aspect of home construction in Kelowna with the universal design concept is catering to the needs of the future. Such designs are gaining momentum in recent times to adapt to the mobility needs of owners and make living spaces more functional without compromising the aesthetic features.