A Guide to Dental Implants Cost in the UK

dental implants
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People with missing teeth these days can opt for dental implants treatment to restore their lost confidence. It not only enhances the aesthetic of your face but also promotes natural functional ability of jaw and mouth. It maintains the integrity of the oral health but considering its high cost many people drop down the idea to replace the missing teeth.

This blog will break down the cost of dental implants and the aspects affecting it. Also, it will highlight some tips to save money on implant treatment. Continue reading to know.

Factors affecting dental implants cost

On an average the dental implant prices in the UK range anywhere between £1,850 and £3,600. But a number of factors contribute to the cost like:

  • Your location
  • Implant screw and replacement type chosen
  • Requirement of implant for lower or upper or back or front teeth
  • Number of teeth needs replacement and number of implants needs
  • Whether sinus lift or bone graft becomes essential
  • Present condition of the jawbone
  • Overall oral health
  • Health condition of existing teeth and gums

Not all affordable dental implants offer quality treatment. You may find them alluring in the present but they will be not worthy in the long haul. Always consult with the dentist in order to choose the most suitable and good one at best price.

What to look for in the dental implants quotations

During the initial consultation, you can ask for the quote or estimation of the treatment. There are many clinics offering quotes and estimation online. It includes everything related to the treatment starting from the early stage consultation, examination, to after care. When you ask multiple clinics for the quote look for the following aspects to choose the right one:

  • All surgical procedures
  • Consultations
  • Temporary crowns, on demand
  • X-rays
  • Dental impressions
  • CT scans
  • Each part of implant device including denture/bridge/crown, abutment and root)
  • Follow-up visits and aftercare

Many dental implant treatments deem for additional dental work especially if there is bone loss and extraction of maxillary molars. This procedure will incur you additional £200-£2,000. So, always go through the quotes carefully before making the final decision. In case of query, just contact the dentist and highlight your concern.

Cost of single dental implant in the UK

The cost of dental implant for a tooth can range £1,400-£3,600 in the UK. The implant on front teeth costs a bit higher than that of the back teeth. In case, your condition requires several single implants then the cost will be naturally low as costs of scans and X-rays will be incurred once.

You can opt for mini implants too and they cost 60%-70% lower than the traditional implants. However, 3-4-tooth bridges supported by 2 implants will incur around £2,800.

How much do you need to pay for full set of dental implants?

For all missing teeth you need full mouth dental implants. The cost of full mouth dental implants is above £25,000 because it makes use of conventional methods. If you want go with denture implants which will cost less as it needs few implants. In such instance, all-on-4 dental implants are the viable option as it will charge you up to £7,000 per arch only to cover the full arch.

Can you get NHS funding for dental implants treatment?

The high cost of dental implants in the UK enable people to wonder if the treatment subsidy is available at the NHS. Although it is there yet limited funding is applicable. NHS offers subsidy only to the patients who are in need because of the uncontrollable circumstances.

You cannot undergo it at the NHS considering it a cosmetic dentistry. However, in such instances dental bridge and dentures are offered in the NHS. Also, if any treatment is important beforehand then NHS will cover the subsidy.

How to save your money on dental implants treatment?

If you want to save money on getting dental implants then just shop around. You have to look for the dental implants in London prices at different clinics. Bear in mind that cost of any dental work is comparatively higher in urban areas than that of the rural areas.

However, certain clinics are there in the city as well offering quality dental implant at affordable rates. While choosing a clinic, don’t forget to ponder on reviews, service quality, experience and skill of the dentist.

Can you get dental insurance coverage on implants?

Dental insurance plan is a good decision to own! As implant classifies under restorative dentistry, insurance will cover the treatment cost. But the coverage depends on a lot of things and hence you must read the contract carefully.

Depending on the policy you own, the coverage can be within 50%-70%. Moreover, most policies come with annual payout limit and 6-month to 1-year waiting period before you can claim it. Go through the document to know about other exclusions and restrictions.

Finance options for dental implants

In case, you think that the cost of dental implants is unbearable then ask the dentist about flexible payment plans and finance options. Nowadays, most clinics provide certain plans to make the treatment affordable for the patients.

With dental payment plans, you need to pay a certain cost percentage before undergoing the procedure and the rest of the bill will be converted into easy monthly instalments. Always try to get the treatment at 0% interest payment plan. Otherwise, look for the clinics with positive customer reviews offer lucrative deals on dental implants.


When you want a beautiful smile with dental implants, it is worth to find a clinic that offers quality treatment at competitive costs. Even you can get cheap dental implants in London with extensive research.

However, you should not compromise quality with money as this treatment has folds of intricate procedures and improper work will be detrimental for your dental health at Thousand Smiles in London. Always consult with the dentist and inquire about the procedures and cost of the treatment.