A short but important discussion on orthodontic braces for your teenager

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Orthodontic braces symbolise youth and childishness. This is because in the days gone by the overwhelming majority of patients who used braces were teenagers. As far as physiological aspect is concerned the ideal time to get orthodontic treatments is early teens and there are reasons behind it which we will cover later. There is also a catch in it as well; most people in their early teens do not want to sign up for orthodontic treatments. Wearing braces has its share of negative aspects that cannot be ignored. However, the volume of negativity associated with wearing braces is gradually coming down. In the following sections of the blog post let us unearth valuable information related to braces for teenagers.

The perfect timing from the aspect of physiology

It is usually during early teens that one’s all the permanent teeth come through. This time of life is most crucial to undergo any orthodontic treatment opines most of the dentists in the UK. This is the time orthodontic treatments prove to be most effective on any individual although it is important to note that by this time the wisdom teeth usually do not erupt. In certain cases, it is better to start the necessary treatments earlier without waiting for all the permanent teeth to come through but those are indeed exceptions. Now you may wonder why is it customary to wait till all the teeth have erupted before undergoing any orthodontic procedure.

The reason is that orthodontic procedures are basically about regulating how your teeth should grow and during early teens usually all the permanent teeth have come through – either totally or partially – and the jaws are still soft, flexible and supple. By post teens the jawbones become harder if not also little brittle with the passing of time.  Bones that are still supple are much easier to mould through the treatments whereas those that are matured are not. Eruption of all the teeth also tells a lot how they will grow in course of time. Considering all these facts and factors early teens is the best for orthodontics treatments by and large. As per numerical age this is around 12 to 13 years for the overwhelming majority although it can be as early as 10 and as late as 15 for some.

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Exposing a child in his or her early teens to orthodontic treatments has its difficulties as well. This is the time when one is most sensitive. They have just started to understand their role in the society and how social orders work. It is also important to remember that teenage is also the time when at least some people bully each other to hide their own insecurities. This is also the time when a child tries and starts interacting with others as an individual and start developing his or her social skills. In easier words during this particular phase of life people are over conscious about their appearance.

Switching associations

The majority of youngsters simply want to avoid wearing braces simply because the range of appliances is clunky and ugly. In movies orthodontic braces are used to portray characters playing nerds or social inept people. As oral health is gradually taking the centre stage all these mindsets and ideas are steadily sinking. These days, a large number of teenagers are interested to get their braces as soon as possible. These new version braces virtually remain invisible inside the mouth and are aesthetically appealing. There are more options to it now than compared to anytime in the past.

Clear braces and options for teens

As teens are concerned there are three distinct clear braces options for them which are as following –

  • Clear ceramic blocks
  • Lingual braces and
  • Invisalign Teen

One of the best orthodontics experts for teens in London recommend clear ceramic blocks to youngsters who are in need of extreme orthodontic treatments. As such clear ceramic blocks usually cater to the cases that are as serious as using conventional metal braces. The best thing about using this range of appliances is these blocks can be made virtually invisible in the mouth by attaching them to a wire. Also known as clear fixed appliance braces these are used only in cases that involve acute orthodontic complexities.

Lingual braces are considered under the category of clear braces and the clear braces meant for teens are usually referred to as lingual braces or incognito braces. Instead to attaching these braces to the front of the teeth these are fixed behind the teeth and thus the range of appliances remains virtually invisible for others to see.

Invisalign Teen is one the most popular varieties of clear aligners that is there in the market. As the name implies the product range is meant only for teens and it caters to the needs of minor orthodontic issues.

More about Invisalign Teens

Invisalign Teen is a popular option to correct varieties of orthodontic issues among teens. Teenagers usually do not want to subscribe to those traditional train track braces attached to wires and so Invisalign Teen is designed to cater to their exclusive needs along with correcting their orthodontic issues. The range of clear aligners is made from absolutely smooth, top grade SmartTrack plastic. It fits over the teeth just like a mouth guard and exerts gentle pressure on the teeth to facilitate their movement.

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How invisalign Teens works

Invisalign Teen works in the same way as its parent system Invisalign does. The orthodontic appliance remains virtually invisible in your child’s mouth and it never makes him or her, self-conscious about appearance. In course of time these braces gradually shift the teeth into the ideal position.

Invisalign Teen benefits

Every orthodontic treatment at 1A Orthodontics demands some amount of commitment from patients and without that no treatment can ever be successful. It is important to note that Invisalign Teen is no exception to that. However, it happens to be a very simple option to straighten the teeth compared to the other options that are in the market. Visits to the orthodontist are both fewer and shorter with this variety of appliances. There is no possibility of the wires getting broken. As one of the most popular orthodontics options for teenagers Invisalign Teen offers free replacement of aligners in case the original ones get lost. Moreover, it is also applicable to kids whose all the permanent teeth have not come through yet.