How to design your cosmetic packaging

cometic packaging
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With the rise of the lifestyle and beauty industry, the credit goes to social media platforms and influencers. With these social media platforms, it seems like everyone is enjoying their best life, and brands are fueling this notion even more. For a very long time, women have been influenced by cosmetics, and it would not be wrong to call them universal. 

The cosmetics industry is lucrative but simple, but it seems to be expanding to new horizons. For starters, cosmetics is no longer about women as men subscribe to the makeup mantra because everyone deserves to feel good and attractive. All these factors lead cosmetic brands to produce more products. However, creating only cosmetic products is not enough, we must focus on cosmetic sets. So, if you operate a cosmetics line and want to create cosmetic packaging that converts, we share all the details with you!

1) Define the personality of the cosmetic brand 

It sounds simple, but it’s easier said than done!
The task is to define the brand and focus on what you stand for. It goes without saying that defining a brand’s personality can be a daunting task. This is essential as it helps others educate themselves about the brand message and positively influence the design scheme, promising better communication with customers. For example, if you sell high-end products, using premium materials will help create a luxury experience, but the touch of gold will only reinforce this notion. 

If you have decided that the cosmetic product is luxurious, you need to choose between glamorous and edgy because you need to determine how consumers will react to the Bespoke packaging boxes. You need to remember that defining the brand personality will help in choosing the color palette, size, logo placement and packaging message (the message that will be printed on the box). This may seem tedious at the moment, but it can streamline the packaging design and make it simpler. 

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2) Understand the market

It’s no secret that the cosmetics industry is very competitive and crowded, and it’s only growing. Soon the industry will be worth   $532 billion  . So, before you delve into the specifics of packaging design, it is essential to examine the market you are entering. To do this, you must research your direct competitors, especially those who sell similar products.

Once you have defined the competitors, you need to analyze how they interact with customers and where they are falling behind. For this purpose, you should check the official website, the possibility of sharing on social networks and online stores – you can also visit the store on site to check the aesthetics of their design. Above all, you need to check which cosmetic products are selling best and optimize your   product sets   accordingly. 

3) Find inspiration for the product line

This is where the real things begin. So, before you embark on the design process, you should think about your own preferences and create style sheets or mood boards. Mood boards will help capture the style and theme that inspires the product line. On the other hand, style sheets are perfect for defining the specifics of packaging and branding. 

To this end, you can browse the Internet and quickly scan the magazine to see what is trending and what actually works, other than making headlines. In simpler terms, you should focus on different design styles that bring value to the brand. While you’re at it, look at shapes, fonts and colors – you need to consider classic design schemes. 

In the majority of cases, people only focus on trendy products, but they don’t focus on bad designs because that’s the only way to learn things that should be avoided. Remember that you are not trying to imitate the design, because it is all about getting inspiration for the cosmetic product lines. 

Final word: opt for personalized packaging 

When it comes to cosmetic packaging, the basis of the design starts with the type of containers you will use for the products. Depending on the products you want to sell, you need to decide the packaging accordingly. For example, you have to choose between compacts, jars, droppers, bottles, pumps, tubes, boxes, sprayers and pallets. 

Truth be told, there is no room for many variations, as shampoos only come in a squeezable plastic bottle and lipsticks can only come in a tube. On the other hand, serums or perfumes require droppers and glass bottles, respectively. In simpler terms, it is not possible to customize  materials, but you can still customize how those materials are decorated. 

To this end, you can play around with most exterior packaging and customize it with a suitable color palette and fonts. In addition, it is also about optimizing the placement of the brand logo. Personalization helps improve the consumer experience. 

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