How to Select a Hand Block Print Saree That Complements Your Body Type

Hand Block Print Saree
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Nothing says ‘style’ like a hand-block print saree. These authentic pieces are unique and eye-catching. But, choosing this sartorial attire for occasions and everyday usage may be a challenge for women who love wearing sarees. After all, the six yards should bring out your grace and charm. That is why you need to pick the perfect hand-block print sarees that match your style, vibe and body type.

The application of natural dyes on authentic hand block printed cotton sarees often makes it difficult for you to distinguish between the wide collections of fabrics. So, here is how to identify if the hand-block printed saree is the perfect pick depending on your body type.

Pear / Triangle Body Type

Indian women with pear-shaped bodies need to avoid prints that may make the lower body look heavier. Ideally, the hand block print saree you choose needs to have prints and textures that create a striking balance between the upper and the lower body parts. Just wear the saree in straight pallu style and you are ready to rock the world!

Petite Body Type

The cotton-printed handloom saree will look great if you have a short height and a stout figure. That way, the saree will sit on your body comfortably making you look fuller yet thinner. For women who are overweight, avoid choosing wide or broad prints as it may not complement your body type. Instead, choose smaller prints that may flatter the way you look – if chosen well. Team your saree with a cotton handloom blouse in a contrasting shade for a complete look.

Skinny Body Type

Skinny women need to adorn a saree that bring out their best features and hence they need to avoid choosing silks, chiffons, and fabrics that are overly thin. Instead, they should select heavier sarees in Banarasi silk, heavy quality georgette, and cotton and that’s why block-printed cotton handloom sarees would be a perfect match for them. Choosing a printed saree online with hand-block prints is easier for a skinny body type, as they look fuller in densely textured cotton sarees and its comfy too.

What’s more, wider prints also look good on women with skinny bodies. When searching for the best saree shops in Kolkata, you are sure to stumble upon Dora By Phoenix. They present a perfect ensemble of unique hand block prints on cotton that are a treat to women who need the right saree depending on their body types.

Apple Body Type

Women with apple body type tend to have heavier bust and stomach area than the hip. Hence, they need to make sure to cover the hip and the tummy. Hand block print cotton sarees are a perfect choice for this body type as it helps in tucking away the tummy and the heavy waist. While they are free to choose textures and prints, the trick lies in draping the saree effectively. You should aim to drift away the attention of onlookers from the heavier areas of the body and show off the portions that bring out your best features.

Hourglass Body Type

An hourglass body shape for women means having a defined waist and balanced bust and hips. And the best part about having this body type is, they can adorn sarees in different fabrics, including cotton hand block printed sarees. But when it comes to choosing colours, they need to pick darker shades. To level up a saree with an hourglass figure, you need to go for denser prints along with darker shades.

Plus-size Body Type

Women with plus-size body type should choose anything but cotton. Well, of course, light cotton sarees with hand-block prints when draped loosely are a perfect match. But the linear prints and shorter motifs are more desirable for them.

Rectangular Body Type

Do you have a rectangular body and all parts of your body have the same measurements? You are the perfect one to pick cotton sarees with hand-block prints. But make sure the prints are bigger and bolder and flaunt it with deep neck blouse deep.

Athletic Body Type

Do you have a muscular body with attractive curves, tight calves, broader thighs s, and a well-built shoulder?  You can pick cotton sarees with hand block prints in lighter shades. Moreover, when draping the saree, you need to watch the pleats and let them stick together to make you look chic and stylish.

Saree is undoubtedly one of the best outfits for women in bringing out the feminine beauty appropriately. Every woman has a sense of creativity. Thus, you need to pick a saree that flatters your body type, as this will allow you to take your fashion game to the next level.