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Art of Illumination

The Art of Illumination: Painting Your New Home with Light

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Instagram influencers, celebrities, gym bros and everyone else in the public space are very much aware of the power of lighting. Good lighting can be the deciding difference between a great selfie and a snap that needs to be moved to the trash folder. The same holds for your home. That’s why you need to think carefully about both the colours that paint your walls and the light that illuminates them.

For instance, the best colour at the store may not look the same on your living room walls if the lighting isn’t right. Vancouver home builders plan the flow, illumination, colour temperature and other factors related to lighting while designing your house.

Let’s check out how lighting design enhances your interiors:

1.      Lighting design

Before we delve deeper, it’s important to understand lighting design. Well, it’s the art of carefully placing light sources in the right places to achieve a certain aesthetic. While practicality is kept in mind, it often goes beyond that. Fixtures may be considered to be an accent to good lighting design. However, according to new home builders in Vancouver:

  • Tweaking the temperature of the lights
  • Adjusting their intensity, or
  • The direction it falls from has more transformative effects.

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2.      Lighting decides the vibe of a room

Most modern homeowners are aware of colour psychology and how it affects our mood. That’s why bedrooms meant for relaxation and winding down have soft neutrals, while entertainment rooms or the living room have a bolder and brighter colour palette to get everyone in a happy and energised mood.

Reputable construction companies in Vancouver also focus on lighting design. While colour decides the mood of a room, lighting decides the overall vibe of the space. For instance, you subconsciously get calmer when you enter a dimly lit entertainment room. On the other hand, a room with large windows and ample natural light flooding the space eases the tension and prepares you to reach your happy place.

3.      Lighting and colour

What’s the most natural form of light? Well, it’s natural sunlight. However, is it consistent? As the sun moves across the horizon, the intensity changes throughout the day. A bright yellow room during the afternoon may seem dull during the evening. While controlling natural light is difficult, minor adjustments allow you some control.

Home builders in BC install adjustable shades and place windows strategically to control the amount of natural light that gets in your home and how it scatters inside a room. After dark, clever placement of artificial light works its magic to show the colours and textures in your home exactly the way you want.

4.      Room specific lighting

Lighting can be both aesthetic and practical. Heavily used rooms must be properly lit. That includes your home office, kitchen and living rooms. Focus on maximising bright yet cozy lights in these spaces. You don’t want to injure yourself or make expensive mistakes in these spaces.

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For certain professionals, there’s a bit of wiggle room to add dim lighting in the space. For instance, if you are a designer or coder, you can have a brightly lit work desk that lets you do your work while retaining the dim aesthetic. On the other hand, dim lighting becomes a necessity in some spaces. Gaming rooms, home theatres, wine cellars and other such spaces look best with a dim and dark aesthetic.

5.      Lighting highlights features of your home

When it comes to interior lighting, you automatically think in macro where lighting illuminates the entire room. Now, that’s pretty obvious. But light can go beyond that to highlight some of your favourite features. For instance, you can use lighting to create under-glows for specific furniture pieces and make them stand out.

Otherwise, lighting can highlight a certain painting and make it the focal point of the room. Decorative elements in your room get a significant boost with the right use of lighting. Home building companies also use lighting to add depth to specific sections of a room. For instance, a hallway or entryway looks stunning with directional lighting.

Lighting isn’t merely functional. It goes a long way in sculpting the overall vibe of a space and making the colours pop and become more lively. It can help create mystery and also showcase your favourite pieces or features in your home. So, embrace the illumination and let it create magic in your humble abode.